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This is a 45-60 min treatment that may incorporate Wood Therapy, Vacuum Therapy or EndermoTherapy to lift the buttocks area. Shaping and molding the target area to perfection.

Laser lipo can be used to non-invasively remove excess fat cells from your body. Laser lipo treatments work by using heat from laser light energy to heat and liquefy unwanted fat cells.

Using Radio Frequency which is a non-surgical treatment, we tighten up the skin in your abdominal area to improve the texture of the skin and reverse the effects of aging.

Wood therapy is a technique used to sculpt the body. Each wood stick instrument has a specific use for particular areas. Wood therapy helps diminish fat while toning.

This treatment is for those suffering from excessive sweating of the hands.

Tap water iontophoresis, or TWI, for hyperhidrosis is the technique of using a mild electrical current running through water to deliver ions into the body. This process harmlessly blocks the skin ducts from producing a large amount of sweat through the glands, resulting in drier hands and less embarrassing moments


Investing in yourself is a thing of beauty. At Skin Deep Sculpting we aim to provide our clients with the tools they need to feel like their best selves. Take the first step in becoming a better you.
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