Skin Deep Sculpting

About Us


Skin Deep Sculpting provides post-operative care to women and men who’ve recently undergone plastic surgery, or are looking for non-invasive ways to sculpt their bodies. We help ensure that your body goals are met and exceeded.


 Jumi Adeyinka is a Nurse with almost a decade of varied experience and is triple certified in the field of post-op care. She brings her love of helping others and ingenuity into every interaction. She has an unwavering passion for guiding women and men through the post-surgical process and empowering them through her knowledge and expertise. In her free time, she enjoys abstract painting, golfing, and wine education.

Licensed Lymphatic Drainage & Post Operative Staff

Our team is not only licensed in massage and lymphatic drainage but also receives extensive training and apprenticeship directly from the owner, Jumi Adeyinka, a Nurse with over a decade of varied experience and is triple certified in the field of post-op care. 


Integrity in Business is Everything To Us


Skin Deep Sculpting provides quality post-operative care to women and men. We help to ensure that your body goals are met and exceeded. Skin Deep Sculpting aims to empower everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Beauty is only skin deep, but empowerment runs deeper.


Our mission is to empower people by helping them reach their ultimate body goals. By providing devoted care and expert guidance on all things body sculpting, we seek to bring our clientele out of the dark and into the light where they can shine their brightest


At the core of our identity are empowerment and liberation. We provide experiential knowledge through resources and devoted one-on-one care. By equipping our clientele with the information and proper care needed to reach their desired body goals, we lead them towards their evolution.

Our Values


Skin Deep Sculpting was founded out of a passion for helping people. Founder Jumi Adeyinka has a pure love for her craft and her family of clientele.



We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their skin and aim to empower all who walk through our front door with the tools they need to do so.



Our devotion to quality care is unmatched in the world of body sculpting. Our professionality shines through in the work we do, the resources we provide, and every client interaction.


Meet Our Profesional Team

During the onboarding process at Skin Deep Sculpting, each team member undergoes an extensive training and apprenticeship program. This entails acquiring a deep understanding of inflammation stages and other crucial post-operative knowledge to proficiently provide post op lymphatic drainage massages and other body contouring treatments. Furthermore, our team comprises a CNA/MA/LVN/LMT/RN/Licensed Estheticians who aids in more invasive procedures and treatments. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier services and take pride in being one of Houston’s most well-respected post op centers, providing a variety of post-operative and esthetic services.

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